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This is my own home on the internet. Originally named Galaxies Forever, while working on it, The website ended up becoming an archive of the media that inspired me.

AngelfireWhen I was in my teens I went through a few websites using AngelFire, Geocities and AOL homes. My websites were full of my artwork and biographies for my characters, lists of things I like and didn't like, funny links to websites I would visit and long pages of tests I had taken on the internet and my results.

Like my peers I created a MySpace and Facebook account, but I did not enjoy the format of those sites and it alienated me from the other users, So my time using them was short-lived.

I kept a Livejournal documenting my reviews, ideas and life. Which was replaced by Twitter in 2008, making my last Livejournal entry in 2009. I still maintain my Twitter account to this day.


I created my DeviantART account in 2004 and my second account in 2005. Posting artwork on my first and experimental photos on my second. In 2012 I purged both my DeviantART accounts and started fresh from my second account, making it my main. The original became a time capsule of artwork from my developing art years.